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Domestic services

New installations
Paul Derry have a wide range of domestic services, which include new installations of central heating and domestic pipe work. We design the system to meet your exact needs and ensure a fault free and energy efficient system.

Boiler replacements
Getting the correct boiler to suit your property is important.

Repairs & extensions
Are you planning a new extension to your property? Then Paul Derry can ensure that you existing system is extended properly to ensure an economical and low running cost upgrade.

Energy saving upgrades
In these days of ever rising fuel prices, it makes sense to get the most from your domestic heating and hot water system. By upgrading you can in fact save hundreds of pounds by energy saving devices and boilers. Why not contact Paul 20Derry for a free quote

Domestic servicing
It is essential that you have your system serviced on a regular basis. It gives you peace of mind regarding safety and running costs. Any boiler that is not cleaned, or hot water central heating system that is not clean and free flowing and protected with correct additives, can cost you a lot in the future.




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